rev-o-lu-tion-ar-y (rĕv ə lōō' shə nĕr ē), adj. - Involving or causing a complete or dramatic change.

A giant Hi-def video screen broadcasting local events, information, and advertising down a busy city street. A motion sensor device that will trigger a short promotional video played on a series of TV screens watched by countless people as they walk down a hospital hallway. Corporate sponsored VIP rooms...

What's on your city's wish list?

If you can dream it, we can design it - and sell it!

We are Citywise Marketing, a firm that has partnered with the city to create innovative and effective advertising opportunities in and around city facilities.

Because our process begins by custom creating the idea to the advertiser before investing in the medium we sell, ours is a venture that doesn't risk tax dollars, doesn't require a long risky shot at minor return on investment, and in a combination of small and large bits can ultimately be a real financial boon for both the city and you - the client.

Above are a few examples of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Each idea is in no way limited to what is presented, they are only samples.
For more information, contact:

Citywise Marketing
115 S. Park St.
San Angelo, Tx 76901

(325) 223-5928

Kate Rushing

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