McNease Convention Center

Located in downtown San Angelo, the McNease Convention Center is host to both private and public events throughout the year. At over 12,000 square feet, the center features large halls and breakout spaces that can accomodate thousands of people at a time.

The McNease Convention Center recently underwent a 4 million dollar renovation that resulted in an expansive, stunning new lobby. These renovations included the addition of digital signage in the lobby. Through Citywise Marketing, the digital signage offers the opportunity to reach virtually every person who attends any of the events at the convention center.

In the last two years, the McNease Convention Center hosted over 500 events and hosted over 80,000 visitors. By advertising at the convention center, your message could be seen by upwards of 40,000 people per year.


Digital - $1200 yr. paid in advance, plus $25 upload fee - $50 per copy change ($25 production fee, $25 upload fee)

(12 second ad, minimum of 5 times per hour.)


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